Corporate Social Responsibility


Send For Help believes Corporate Social Responsibility is about living the values and principles that govern the way we operate as an organisation and behave as individuals.

Ensuring we sustain safe operations, have a positive and supportive impact on our employees, the communities we work in and the wider environment, and ensuring we continually strive to build the trust and respect of our clients. We recognise the impacts that we make on society, the economy and the planet, and we seek to make a positive difference in the places where we operate.

This Policy sets out a framework for the development and implementation of Corporate Responsibility activities and supports all other Policy Standards, which address the regulatory aspects in support of Send For Help’s Management Systems and values as an organisation.

For us, corporate social responsibility covers a broad spectrum of activities, the management of our relations with our employees, clients, suppliers and the community as well as the management of our performance in respect of the environment, human rights and diversity – all underpinned by adherence to good business ethics.

Five Principles


The Company has 5 principles of corporate responsibility, adopted by the Board to focus on issues of particular significance to our business and the sectors in which we operate. They are:
  • Health & Safety – Achieving the highest standards of performance.
  • Workplace – Commitment to offering a rewarding and challenging workplace & encouraging employees to be good citizens in the communities in which they live and work.
  • Quality Service – Working to ensure a first class service is delivered to clients and responding effectively to any client request, query or concern.
  • Environment – Prioritising and continually improving, environmental performance across all activities.
  • Responsibility – Being actively responsible by complying with and exceeding, where appropriate, all statutory and regulatory requirements.
Business Ethics

Send for Help is committed to being a responsible business and service provider to our clients. We aim to ensure that in everything we do, we meet the highest standards of business conduct. We commit to professional, fair and honest practices in our relationships with our employees, clients and suppliers.

Send For Help does, and will comply with any and all relevant, applicable national and international laws and regulations.

Commitment & Objectives

Our objective is to fulfil our corporate responsibility obligations without compromising our values.

We are committed to ensuring that corporate responsibilities are embedded in the way we do business via our policies, procedures and everyday operations. It is our policy to act fairly, legally, truthfully and with integrity and to care for people, property, intellectual assets, the environment and the company’s reputation.

Health & Safety

We maintain a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment for our staff, those we work for and with the general public.

Send For Help ensures the maintenance of a healthy workforce by aiming to provide staff with the training and equipment necessary to achieve the highest levels of health & safety performance.

Send For Help has defined health and safety systems that reflect and emphasise that safety will not be compromised for business interests.


We aim to create, develop and lead highly motivated teams who have up to date competencies and skills and believe the company’s values.

We expect all our employees to use their best endeavours to deliver Send For Help's goals and comply with the principles of this policy.

We recruit, employ, promote and reward on the basis of an individual’s ability to do the job and we are committed to develop and enhance each employee’s skills and capabilities to our mutual benefit.

Quality Service

We are committed to establishing mutually beneficial relations with our clients, we honour and enforce the terms of the contracts to which we commit.

All employees at Send For Help share a responsibility for ensuring that the relationship we have with our clients are conducted with high standards of honesty, integrity, openness and professionalism.

At Send For Help, our client needs remain our first consideration, understanding these requirements ensure that we are able to develop and deliver solutions which are built around your specific needs. We seek to build long term relationships with our clients and will ensure a fundamental understanding of your business needs, enabling us to deliver cost effective and practical solutions.

Responsibility, Authority & Accountability

The Primary responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with the Company’s Chief Executive. Project managers and board level senior management have the responsibility and authority to implement the policy and monitor its implementations and interpretation in the everyday activities.

Send For Help has established clear lines of internal accountability, responsibility and reporting procedures to enable corporate responsibility issues to be highlighted to our project management team and board level senior management on a regular basis.

All staff are responsible for supporting corporate responsibility activities within the framework of our procedures and directives.

Accreditations, Memberships & Frameworks

In addition to internal support and external consultancy arrangements, Send For Help also receives information relevant to our business by membership and association with relevant organisations and stakeholders, some of which aid recognitions with meeting industry standards.


The Company is aware of the scale of impact our operations have on the environment. As such we are committed to exploring ways of reducing the impact of what we do. We will take a responsible attitude and lead the way in developing initiatives to further improve our environmental footprint.

The Company commits to reducing pollution in all forms, in particular energy consumption and carbon emissions by ensuring good resource and waste management practices and maintaining tight controls over recycling.