Employee Case Study – Lauren

Lauren IMC ControllerLauren Hopper – Incident Management Centre Controller

I have been an Incident Management Centre controller at Skyguard for over a year, working in Skyguard’s purpose built state-of-the-art Incident Management Centre (IMC). It was the first in the UK to be certified against the Lone Worker Monitoring Service Standard BS 8484.

In order to work within the IMC, as well having to pass numerous tests, you are security screened against BS 7858:2012. This means, going through external screening and DBS checks to Enhanced Disclosure Level. This process must take place as working within the IMC you are dealing with individuals personal data. Due to the nature of our work, this is often sensitive information. I would also like to add that Skyguard goes the extra mile, as all employees are screened against this British Standard.

My role…

The IMC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I work various shift patterns. I cover the day shift and once I am online, I am ready to respond to raised lone worker alarms. I have a strict protocol to follow and every customers circumstances are different. Due to this, I have to be alert, listen and of course stay calm under pressure, as you never know if you are dealing with a life threating situation. Once I have assessed the situation, I follow different procedures and these can include, depending on the severity of the instance, summoning the emergency services or our own National Response Service.

“I have a protocol to follow and every customer is different, so I have to be alert, listen and of course stay calm under pressure, as you never know if you are dealing with a life threating situation.”

Our customer base is vast and I could be dealing with a construction worker that has fallen off a ladder or one of our police customers; victim of domestic abuse or someone on a witness protection programme. We of course have audio recordings of all incidents and the speed of police response that our service provides, has often led to arrests and successful prosecutions in court.

Over the course of a shift I could answer between 50 – 60 raised alarms, of course not all of these are emergencies, sometimes they are false alarms or tests but, I still have to ensure the protocol is followed and ensure that the lone worker is safe.

Working in the IMC you never know what the incident is going to be about or what is going to happen. It has given me a lot of life experience and it always makes me feel happy to be able to help people. The IMC is a friendly environment and a very enjoyable place to work.

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