TalkTalk Adopts Skyguard’s MySOS Lone Worker Alarms to Protect Their Engineers

TalkTalk, the UK’s leading value for money provider of broadband, mobile and TV services, has turned to Skyguard to help protect their Field Engineers whilst working alone and out of hours.

With any form of lone working, a robust policy should be in place to ensure staff are adequately protected when performing their duties. With that in mind, TalkTalk selected 120 MySOS personal safety devices for use by their Engineers. The keyfob-sized alarm enables users to call for help in an emergency at the touch of a button. With GPS-technology, two-way audio communications, ‘Mandown’ fall detector and voice-memo (amber alert) functionality, the MySOS is the complete, fully accredited solution for lone worker protection.

In the event of an incident, a user activates the alarm on their MySOS device. The alarm is sent via mobile phone technology to Skyguard’s 24/7 Incident Management Centre. There, experienced Controllers immediately know who the user is, their profession, medical history – even what they look like – (all this information is treated in total confidence). Because the MySOS is GPS enabled, Controllers will know where they are.  They’ll listen to ambient sound in their vicinity. If it’s safe to do so, they’ll talk to them. They’ll review their individual information and preferred action in case of emergency. Within seconds, a course of action will be decided upon. It may be summoning an emergency service, Skyguard’s own National Response Service, or someone designated by the client. Whatever Skyguard do, the action taken is designed to neutralise the threat or resolve the incident as quickly as possible.

The small-size of the MySOS was a key factor in TalkTalk’s decision to use Skyguard. “All the other options were too bulky and we wanted a supplier that reflected our own agile approach,” states Alan Cowlishaw, Compliance Engineer for TalkTalk.

“It’s also very easy to use and the price was competitive. All in all, it’s complete peace of mind that our Engineers have protection when out working.”

Skyguard’s Marketing Director Will Murray added “It’s vital that organisations adopt a rigid lone worker policy. With fines of up to £20 million for serious health and safety breaches, this is a clear message to businesses that lone worker safety must be prioritised. TalkTalk have demonstrated their commitment to the safety and wellbeing of their Engineers by equipping them with the MySOS device.”